There are five named PCLM awards:


  • Outstanding Contributions to PCLM 

Designed to recognize on going contributions of time and talent to PCLM in a vareity of ways.



  • Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Supervision



  • Distinguished Service to PCLM

Granted for leading some significant task or event sponsored or promoted by PCLM.



  • PCLM Hall of Fame



  • Past-President's Award




PCLM Award Eligibility:

The recipients of all named PCLM awards, with the exception of Outstanding Contributions to Mathematics Supervision, must be active PCLM members.



PCLM Award Nominations:

Official PCLM award nominations are accepted only from active PCLM members; however, a member may furnish documentation from others acquainted with the work of the PCLM award nominee.








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