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"Leading Our Students to Number Sense at the Elementary Level"

Activating Mathematical Modeling in the Elementary School

In this hands-on workshop participants will engage in activities that will activate mathematical modeling in the elementary school.

Number Sense and How To Build It

What is number sense, and how can teachers give students experiences that help build this important foundation?

Math Games as a Vehicle for Developing Number Sense

In this session, participants will be introduced to resources that can be used to stimulate student mathematical thinking as students build a stronger sense of number.

The Journey to Numeracy

In this session, participants will investigate the journey to numeracy, discuss the incorporation of technology, and perhaps even strengthen his/her own number sense!

PCLM develops and supports effective leaders who promote and sustain maximum achievement in mathematics for each student in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The PCLM community improves the mathematics achievement of all students by supporting teachers to strengthen their content knowledge and implement diverse instructional practices.

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